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sewage backup in baltimore md


Calling a water damage restoration company is the best way to deal with sewage backup in your basement and in this regard The PCRRG company in water damage services in Baltimore Md is the best but you can take the following measures to prevent more damage until the service arrives.

1. Evacuate the flooded area as soon as possible because sewage contaminants are injurious to health.
2. Turn off all the electrical powers in flooded areas, they might come in contact with water.
3. If the main circuit breaker is in the basement, then avoid turning them off and stay away from electrical appliances.
4. Wear protective items like rubber boots, facemasks, eyeglasses and gloves, etc while walking through sewage water.
5. Shut off the valve of the main water pipe to your home.

6. Notify your insurance company about sewage backup asap.
7. Don’t use any water supply system till the problem gets solved.
8. Open the windows for ventilation in the flooded basement.
9. You can add chlorine bleach to the standing water. It will disinfect the flooded area.
10.Hand over the problem to the water damage restoration company at the moment they arrive so they can start the flood cleanup, basement cleanup, or sewage process.

For Professional Sewage backup services in Baltimore, Call the PCRRG Water Damage Restoration Experts in Md Baltimore.