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Professional Cleaning Restoration and Rehab Group are your go-to experts for mold removal and remediation services near you. Mold can be a serious issue in residential and commercial properties, so we offer tailored methods to fit each home or property’s unique needs.

Our experienced technicians are trained to follow all regulatory and industry standards for safe mold removal and remediation every step of the way. We use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to control and remove the spread of mold while preventing cross-contamination.

Don’t wait until the problem gets worse. Instead, protect your health and property by letting a pro like PCRRG do the job.

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PCCRG understands the significance of efficient and effective mold removal for the health of your property. We go above and beyond to protect your property from mold. Our team removes mold from basements, attics, and crawl spaces while protecting your air quality from mycotoxins and mold spores releases and your property structures from mold damage.
Moreover, our experienced technicians are trained to identify, isolate and eliminate the root cause of mold growth, providing you with peace of mind and a healthy living environment.

Steps To Our Sewage Damage Cleanup Process:


Identify the source of the mold

Step 1 of our mold removal process is crucial. We know mold is caused by excess moisture and can grow anywhere. So, we will identify the source of the mold by inspecting areas like sink cabinets, basements, window sills, bathrooms, and places with low light and high moisture.


Assess the Mold Damage

The second step of our mold removal process involves assessing the mold damage. Our experienced team will locate any water damage that may be the root cause of the mold. Ensuring thorough inspection, we can determine the best plan of attack for mold remediation and ensure your property is free of harmful mold.


Containment & Isolation of the Affected Area

This portion of our mold removal process is where we isolate and contain the affected area to prevent the spread of mold spores. Our mold removal technicians will carefully seal windows and openings with protective plastic sheeting to ensure complete containment.


Cleaning & Air Filtration

The next step of our mold removal process involves thorough cleaning and air filtration, which includes using dehumidifiers and fans to filtrate the air while reducing mold spore dispersal. Our team removes moldy materials from the affected area to prevent the further spreading of mold spores.


Antimicrobial Application

The final step of our mold removal process involves the application of potent antimicrobials to eradicate mold spores and prevent future mold growth.

What Are Customers Saying About PCRRG!

We has a terrible smell in our home . My mom has health problems and we called restoration company but they never came out then I called the Professional Group. I was impressed with the way that the crew came and got all the mold out and after the air quality test passed we were able to move back in our home. Thanks to the professional cleaning and rehab right we have peace of mind
Angel Lee
Angel Lee
The Professional Cleaning and Rehab Group provided us with excellent service with our basement mold issue. I highly recommend them... Thanks, PCR!
Michelle P.
Michelle P.
The Staff did a very good job.
Roslyn Smith
Roslyn Smith
My upstairs bathroom toilet backed up overnight. When i woke up the following morning i noticed it was leaking through the ceiling. The entire bathroom is a mess, And my first floor had water damage. Water/feces everywhere. I called around and found this Restoration company. Tony (the owner) came over within 2 hours and helped me with this mess. He informed me that it was a sewage back up. Him and his team were great and repaired everything. They even game me new tiles for the bathroom. I recommend Professional cleaning restoration and rehab group to all! Again I want to thank Tyrone & his team! Around Christmas 2022, pipes in Maryland were freezing and bursting and wrecking havoc. Tyrone called me to help me with some tips to avoid this. What business owner do you know that reaches back out to make sure you’re OK after work has been rendered?
Goddes “G” Mris
Goddes “G” Mris
Great job.
Trey Stalk
Trey Stalk
Called these guys to my shop for a pipe that burst. He came out in a timely manner, investigated what took place & quickly came up with solution. After they completed this I asked them to look around the inside of my office & shop for anything else. Mold was found, they quickly came up with a solution & remedied the problem. Thank you for your professionalism & tending our concerns/needs making my workspace for me & my employees safe. They definitely gained my business in the future.
Keondre Boykin
Keondre Boykin
After noticing a leak in my basement I reached out to Professional Cleaning Restoration and Rehab Group. They were able to inspect and identify the problem in no time! I’m so grateful that they took care of the leak and got my basement back to the way it was. If you’re looking for a professional restoration company look no further, you will get professionalism, punctuality and a great rate on the fix with Professional Cleaning Restoration and Rehab Group .
Sabreia Alston
Sabreia Alston

What Sets PCCRG Apart From the Rest?

Mold removal and remediation can be a massive undertaking for property owners, which is why we provide the best mold removal services and mold remediation in Baltimore. What sets us apart is our years of experience, state-of-the-art equipment, and qualified technicians that use industry-standard techniques to ensure that we eradicate mold completely. Moreover, we take pride in getting the job done right the first time around, so you don’t have to worry about paying more in the long run.

Sets PCCRG Apart From the Rest

Ready to say goodbye to mold once and for all? Contact PCCRG today. Our experts are equipped with the latest techniques and tools to provide top-notch mold remediation services in Baltimore. Let us help you improve the air quality in your home or workplace, and reach out to us today.