What to do when a Pipe Burst at Home

In Baltimore, Maryalnd property owners often get confused when they have a water emergency. They don’t know what to when a pipe burst at home. Although it does not happen everyday but when it happens, it takes homeowners by surprise. It’s important to know what to do when one have such an unpleasant situation. In case of not knowing what to do, one can face water damage at home.

Professional Cleaning Restoration and Rehab Group know how to assist homeowners when it comes to pipe bursts. They will explain each and everything before they leave the property.

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Why do pipe burst?

The very first question that arises in mind during such a situation is “what caused this pipe burst?” Well, there are many reasons pipe bursts at home. Pipes can not withstand more pressure than it was made for. Here are the reasons why pipes bursts.

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Frozen P

One of the major reasons pipe bursts at home in winter is because of freezing. Due to extreme cold, water freezes and exert increased pressure on pipes and as a result pipes burst. Keeping your home warm can help you avoid pipe burst problems.


Another reason pipes burst is it wears away because of corrosion. Metal pipes gets rusty they can easily burst when they are consumed by rust.  Apart from rust, presence of minerals can also harm pipes with the passage of time and can wear away with time which result in bursting of pipes.


Pipe movement can occur due to variety of reasons. It can happen because of the placement of pipes in a place where it moves. OR pipes can move because of the temperature. In cold weather pipes tend to contract in contrast to water, which expands it freezes.

What To Do When Pipes Burst at Home?

What to do when such an accident happens at your home? Before professionals arrive, homeowners need to take these stpes to minimize the damage.

1. Shut Your Main Supply

First of all, shut your main supply as soon as possible. Look around and find anything that can be damage because of water. Remove those things from the area water can reach. Keep your possessions at a safer distance from the wet area.

2. Call for Help

Call for help immediately. If you are in Baltimore, Maryland. Call us and we will send a team immediately who will care of the situation. If you are in any other city, call your local plumber and seek help. Make this call as soon you shut your main supply.


4. Let the Warm Air In

Letting warm air in helps dry water that may potentially cause damage. Warm air circulation helps stop the temperature from dropping down. This will warm the pipes and prevent further damage.


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