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    Professional Cleaning Restoration & Rehab Group is a “Family owned and family operated” company providing mold damage and mold removal services in the Baltimore metro area since 1994. Water Damage can cause major structural damage in homes and offices. Not to mention possible health risk imposed on a person the longer he or she is exposed to toxic spores breeding in the air. The sooner you give us the call to help you, the quicker we can eliminate increased threat to you and your home. If you see water or dampness near the floor boards you may have a leak in the walls. Sometime when you have been away and you come back you will smell a musty mildew type smell. We will inspect your property and find the water leak where mold has begun to grow. Call Now 410-776-8292 

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    There is a lot of flooding in the Baltimore MD Metro area, if you see wet areas on the walls or floors or if when you are away and then come back in to your home or business and smell a wet damp musty odors you may have the beginnings of a mold infestation. We will find the leaks or the water damage and remove the problem areas. We work with your insurance company and agent to make sure all of the mold is removed and properly dried out and treated so that mold will not come back. Do live with mold or mildew in your home, call us 24/7 if you think you have a problem. We are available to help 7 days a week Call Now 410-776-8292

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