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Some information for Mold Professionals in Maryland Baltimore

  • You MUST have a current Department of Energy & Environment (DOEE) professional license to provide mold assessment and/or remediation services in the District.
  • For more info visit
  • DOEE maintains a list of licensed mold assessors and remediators at the above mentioned link.
  • Owners of tenant-occupied buildings are required to hire a District licensed mold professional when mold contamination is greater than ten (10) square feet.
  • All District licensees must notify DOEE when performing mold abatement greater than ten square feet.
  • If indoor mold growth or water damaged materials less than 10 square feet are visually identified, solutions shall be conducted in accordance with the guidance document published by DOEE at the link mentioned in second line.

How HOME OWNERS can avoid mold in Baltimore

What you should know about mold:

  • If your home smells musty or if those living in the home are experiencing respiratory health problems, you may have mold. Removing materials harboring hidden mold can lead to a massive release of spores, which can be very hazardous to health.
  • DC law requires DOEE-licensed mold professionals on the the link which I mentioned above in first paragraph, Also find the DOEE Guidance document about cleaning small areas of mold less than ten (10) square feet on the given link above.
  • We The PCRRG experts do Mold Inspection and testing, ask us about when is mold remediation required.

What things can help in prevent mold?

  • Keep humidity levels no higher than 50%.
  • Make sure air flows freely in your home, Use exhaust fans that vent air to the outside.
  • Fix leaks Quickly.
  • Clean bathrooms and kitchens with products designed to eliminate mold or CALL our mold inspectors in Baltimore MD to inspect mold and clean your home.

Note: DOEE does not conduct mold inspections in Baltimore but The PCRRG does, Feel free to CONTACT US at any time our mold inspectors in Maryland Baltimore made the mold inspection in Maryland very easy and will be at your destination in less than 30 minutes.

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