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frozen pipes in baltimore

HOW TO AVOID FROZEN PIPES in Maryland Baltimore

During cold weather, frozen pipes are a common problem and can cause severe water damage to your property.

Read the mentioned tips to avoid the problem of frozen pipes in Baltimore Md and ice blockages Md.

1. Insulate pipes in cold weather of Md

The best way to keep your pipes away from freezing is insulation. The most common type of insulation is fiberglass, polyethylene, or foam.

2. Keep Garage Doors Closed

This is so important to avoid frozen pipes because the garage is usually made of high amounts of smooth concrete which keeps the space cold. So opening the door accidentally is going to be a disaster.

3. Open cabinets of your Baltimore Md House

Keep your kitchen and bathroom cabinets open so warm air can circulate to avoid ice blockages.

4. Let faucets drip

One way to reduce frozen pipes is to open faucets. Just let open those which are fed by exposed piping.

5. Keep the thermostat consistent

One best way to reduce frozen pipes is to keep the thermostat the same during the day and nighttime.

6. Seal Cracks and Openings in bad Md weather

Inspect your home to check for any crack and opening in pipes to avoid frozen pipes.

7. Leave the heat on

If you’re planning to stay away from your home in winters, then make sure you leave the heat on.

8. Open interior doors


Another way to avoid frozen pipes is to keep all the interior doors (bathrooms) open so the temperature remains consistent throughout.

9. Seal crawl spaces


Covering all the crawl space can reduce the old air surrounding the pipes.

10.Use Heating Tape they are best for Md weather


Those pipes which are easily accessible to you, apply heating tape directly to the pipes so they can retain heat for a long time.